Traits from GMO Grass Found Miles Away

Discussion in 'Conversations Forum' started by Daniel Mosquin, Nov 23, 2004.

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    Is anybody surprised?

    When science and commerce outrun common sense and ethics this is the type of result we can expect. GM grass is only one more nail in our collective coffin. They have tried wheat (and will try again) and are working on Rice.
    It is now virtually impossible to buy canola seed in Canada that is not contaminated by Monsanto's Roundup ready genetic nightmare. It will NEVER again be possible to do so!
    I encourage all to become aware of this ongoing disaster. Monsanto and others introduced this product based on the premise that less chemicals would be required to grow it, and yields would increase. None of this has happened, quite the reverse. On top of that, all the years of conventional crop development by many prairie farmers has been destroyed by contamination and by draconian use of the legal system to make it virtually impossible to grow anything but GM canola. And virtually impossible to sell it anywhere else.
    Try and fear this future. It used to be that the polluter had to pay and cleanup; so far GM canola has cost Mr & Mrs Schmeiser almost half a million in legal costs, and destroyed his seed development business (and his father's before him).
    I am sorry to have to be so negative in this my favorite forum, but I don't see any middle ground here. Our governments and laws (USA as well) are so far behind the time in this , but once again, is anybody surprised? There is more law (by several orders of magnitude) regulating childrens toys than GMO's.
    Sad & mad & frustrated, Ralph

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