Trailing Blackberry Not Fruiting

Discussion in 'Fruit and Vegetable Gardening' started by DavidB52, Jul 17, 2023.

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    My parents have a farm up north, in the Bulkley Valley (Zone 4), and they have often tried to grow Blackberries.
    Almost every plant dies pretty quick. I guess the winters are too cold.

    The only Blackberries that have survived are the ones growing along the south side of the house.
    (Perhaps being right up against the house, and its warmth, keeps it from getting too cold in the winter.)

    The Seek app on my phone identifies it as Trailing Blackberry.

    These plants have been here several years but have never produced berries.

    Any ideas why these Trailing Blackberry plants are not fruiting?

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    These look like they could be native trailing blackberries, Rubus ursinus. If so, they will have male and female flowers on separate plants. Perhaps all of the plants at your parents' farm are the same sex, or they could all be tip-rooted clones of a single plant.

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