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    I bought 2 plants from a local nursery at the start of summer. They were small with nice variegation. I put them in the ground in a spot that gets filtered morning sun and they soon took off, growing lushly but loosing all variegation.

    I soon found an old post on your blog - Beth 13 Jul 2009 and shared her frustration in trying to get the plants variegated. I tried all the tips she had gathered. Cut them down/ left them to grow. Gave more/ less water. More/ less sun. Made the soil more/ less acid. Tried various plantfoods. In the process I propagated several new plants in different locations in my garden and all plants are exceedingly healthy. Bristling with growth but no variegation!

    Then the season turned and I went on vacation for 8 weeks to return to morning temperatures of 10 degrees celsius and was delighted to find well developed variegation on most of my plants!

    Couldn’t help wondering if Beth or any other tradescantia enthusiasts had similar experiences?

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