Trachycarpus princeps, nova, nanital and takil

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    (First 3 pics) 1 year old Trachycarpus princeps planted in the ground already putting out divided leaves. The leaves are very stiff and starting to show white undersides. (4th and 5th pics) Trachycarpus nova, growing like a weed. These palms really do put on growth fast when planted in the ground. (6th pic) nanital. Very compact growth. (7th pic) takil. Growing the slowest out of the Trachy palms. It's just starting to put out its first divided leaf. The leaves are very stiff. All these palms are planted in a south facing bed receiving full sun exposer, and made it through their first winter without any problems. Both the princeps and takil seedlings came up with their fist strap leaf only having two ridges on them. Other Trachys I have on the go which were started this year and are still in a pot are: tesan, winsan and martianus. Once I got them plated out I'll do a post on them as well.
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