Trachycarpus hybrid identification

Discussion in 'Outdoor Tropicals' started by Tyler Reddekopp, Dec 23, 2017.

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    For any Trachycarpus hybrid experts out there, can you identify this Trachycarpus. Until now I've always thought it was a hybrid between fortunei and wagnerianus. I sell seeds on eBay labeling it as such too. But I'm wondering if there could also be traces of Manipur in it as well. The leaves are very large, larger then any fortunei I've seen, as you can see in the picture, they're bigger then the back window on the SUV, they're stiff like wagnerianus and the petioles show a brown fluff on them. What is also unique about this palm is the amont of green leaves it carries on its crown. Another feature that sets this Trachycarpus apart from others is the trunk. It's much more narrow then any Trachycarpus I've seen and it has less hair on it. Overall it's an awesome Trachycarpus. Very tropical looking. The seedlings I grow from it are super hardy wether in a pot or in the ground. Last winter I had some growing in a pot that I left outside allowing the pot to completely freeze, the little seedlings showed no signs of damage and countined growing once the weather warmed up. I know there is lots of Trachycarpus species out there but anyone with more experience then me I would like to know your thoughts. Thanks.
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    Remember that 'Wagnerianus' is just a cultivar group of T. fortunei - it isn't a separate species, whatever nurserymen might say to try to sell more plants.
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