Touch-Me-Not and Stink Bug Nymph

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    Touch-Me-Not Stink Bug

    Right now both colors of Touch-Me-Not flowers are in bloom. The yellow variety, called the Pale Jewelweed (Impatiens pallida) being larger then the orange ones called Jewelweed (Impatiens capensis). I've actually used the blooms when being stung by nettles as well as bitten by mosquitos to help with the burning and the itching. I'm luckily not allergic to poison ivy but I understand that if someone brushes up against said plant that they can treat the area with the flower of the TMN's also to help inflamation.
    The intersting little bug hanging out next to them is a juvenile Stink Bug (Palomena prasina) a known pest that when it reaches adulthood lets an aggressor know it's main defense is a lovely smell it exudes from it's body.
    8/23/08 Jackson Park, Atchison, Kansas

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