Appreciation: Tohoku's Cherry Trees NHK World documentary

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    NHK World documentary Tohoku's Cherry Trees:
    - Symbols of Revival: Tohoku's Cherry Trees - Video On Demand - NHK WORLD - English

    -See a how teachers warm cut winter branches to get the blossoms to flower for the childrens graduation.
    -A 380 year old cherry tree that is important to one family and cared for generations.
    -A special Cherry tree that has grown out of a crack in a very large boulder has been cared for by one family of gardeners for three generations.
    -Shiogama-zakura A special double blooming cherry tree at the Shiogama shrine.
    -Gyoiko-zakura or "green pearl" blooms green and turns pink after a few days.

    Symbols of Revival: Tohoku's Cherry Trees

    Broadcast on March 31, 2018

    Snow-bound and still impacted by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, the people of Tohoku wait eagerly for that springtime symbol of hope and life: the blossoming of cherry trees. Northern Japan boasts many varieties of cherry trees and some very beloved ones -- a tree strong enough to grow through a boulder and another whose lineage stretches for a thousand years. Some of these trees are cared for by generations of the same families, people who know each bud on their trees and the best places to view the cherry blossoms. Follow us on this trip to Tohoku to see these beautifully filmed scenes.

    Available until April 16, 2018

    > Visit Program Website
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    I set a reminder, finally got back to it today, three days after the end date, and missed it. It seems to be a video from 2017, though, so maybe it will be back next year too. Thanks. Now that I'm reading the content more carefully, I really wish I'd seen it.

    On one page where I found a link, even though it said requested video not available, I fell for the Play Now button and got some adult gaming site, clicked two "No" buttons asking if I was over 18 and ok with that kind of content (said "no" twice) and it congratulated me and welcomed me to the site.

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