Tobacco Rattle Virus infected Hosta & Dicentra

Discussion in 'Garden Pest Management and Identification' started by smivies, Feb 14, 2007.

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    The previous owners of our house had TRV infected Hostas that I consolidated into one shade bed. I didn't know that at the time (thought the leaves were just getting sunburnt) but the yellow mottling on the Bleeding Heart leaves that I planted next to the Hostas was the clincher.

    For those with experience with this plant virus and transmission....
    Will 3-5 month composting of 'end of season' plant matter be enough to kill the virus or it's vectors (soil nematodes)?
    If I leave the bed intact, will the virus (& vectors) continue to spread even if suitable host plants are not present (ie. grasses, lavender, etc.)?
    Has anyone had any experience in eliminating TRV or other viruses from established perennial beds?

    I can do good hygiene so I'm only really concerned about natural virus migration.

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    Just saw this. I hope someone helps out here. I had a hosta that I had to remove 2 years ago because of virus. I destroyed the plant and have not planted another hosta in that spot. At the moment, I cannot honestly remember what I did replace it with. I haven't noticed any effect on anything near the spot or in whatever it is that I used as a replacement, but I am keeping a watchful eye, particularly on other hostas in that area.

    I was taught to destroy any plant matter that is diseased. That means bagging it (sealed) and putting it in with garbage for collection. I won't even burn it. I am paranoid about putting anything in the compost piles that might possibly cause a problem. I am, no doubt, too cautious.

    I was interested in your comment about the bleeding hearts. I have lost 5 plants in the few years I have been here. I am now wondering if they too had virus infection. I guess I wasn't paying particular attention to them.

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