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Discussion in 'Magnoliaceae' started by magnogreato, Feb 14, 2015.

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    I know there are some questions about topping out a Magnolia but I can't find the link...anyhoo, I live in No. central Fla. and have a 75 or 80 foot Magnolia. In the other questions/concerns topping doesn't seem to be a good idea. That may be so but nothing is mentioned about "Sealing Up" the cuts of trimming or topping off the tree. Mine was planted about 10 feet from the corner of my house and a large root has gotten bigger and raised the side walk around the house. As far as I am concerned Magnolias belong in the forest because they are a "great shade tree" but that's all....they are really nasty and provide leather leaves to deal with which where I live, fall all year round.
    I will probably have it topped out, trimmed and sealed and hope for the best. The previous owner did not trim it properly and consequently I have a messy behemoth of a tree.
    If the cuttings are sealed, wouldn't that keep it from becoming diseased and help reduce the growth of other limbs from coming out?
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    Sounds like you would be better off removing the tree and planting something you like. Topping it will create something you like even less and you will still have all the maintenance to deal with the tree.

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