Tissue culture of the lemon, Citrus limon.

Discussion in 'Plant Propagation' started by John Allen, Dec 21, 2006.

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    I was reluctant to start yet another thread, but this topic or similar does not appear to have arisen previously. Why bother with tissue culture when I can go and buy a 3 ft Eureka in a pot for about $10.00?

    The answer is sentiment. I never knew my grandfather. He died in 1942. All that remains of him is his memory and the house and garden he made. And then the new owners brought in the bulldozer. It's all gone. All I salvaged was a bag of lemons scattered on the ground and some snowdrop and jonquil bulbs.

    I will grow the lemon seed, but it will not be 'true to type'. My questions are:

    1. The skin and flesh of the lemon should be genetically the same as the original wood, Ie. Can I get clones from the skin and flesh?

    2. Can someone suggest a site/source for simple to use materials and methods for cooking up Citrus culture media, and in particular the types of hormones needed for shoot & root initiation. I have access to incubators, McCartney bottles etc.

    I imagine the materials and methods should be the same across the Citrus genus, with some tweaking.
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    Sorry about the loss of your grandfather and his tree. The seed of Eureka lemon is polyembryonic but only to a low degree. You may get some seedlings that are true to type.

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