Tips of Acontifolium Acer Japonicum

Discussion in 'Maples' started by JapaneseMapleMan, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. JapaneseMapleMan

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    North Carolina
    I have an Acer Japonicum Acontifolium that some call the dancing peacock.
    The tips (the new growth) darkened, shriveled, and now appear to be mostly gone.

    Is this just the sensitivity of the new foliage to the sun, or is there something else going on? The other parts of the plant look terrific.

    It is in full sun (North Carolina).

    Thanks !!
  2. mr.shep

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    San Joaquin Valley, California
    Hi JapaneseMapleMan:

    A good pic would help to tell us where the burning
    is occurring such as the tips everywhere or just on
    the top of the tree. Yesterday I saw three 8' tall
    Goshiki Kotohime's in 24" boxes at a nursery
    grown under shade cloth in which all of the tops
    of the trees were burned back from the top about
    six inches, yet the rest of the trees had good color
    but with no apparent new growth. With no direct
    sunlight to hit the tops of the trees and with some
    wind protection, the immediate thought I had is
    lack of water. Many times all it takes is one or
    two missed waterings to cause the damage. Lack
    of a good deep watering every now and then could
    also be the main culprit for those container grown
    trees as the two drip emitters the nursery is using,
    putting out 3 gallons of water/hour each, are not
    giving off enough water to prevent the tops from
    burning but are enough to keep the Maples in
    relatively good shape otherwise.

    For your tree, some pics would provide us with
    a better idea as to what may have gone wrong
    or perhaps what is going wrong. Without any
    more information about the growing conditions
    of the tree, anything I would suggest would be
    nothing but a guess.

  3. Elmore

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    North Alabama USA

    Good idea to post pics. What's the history on this plant? Newly or relatively recent planting? Any reflective heat? I wouldn't worry too much, I'm guessing that it may just need to become established. Keep an eye out for pests and be careful with fertilzers and other chemicals.
  4. JapaneseMapleMan

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    North Carolina
    The tree is about 6.5 ' tall. It's been planted for 2 years.
    I've used no chemicals or sprays on it. I just gave it light fertilization in early spring.

    The rest of the tree really looks good.
  5. I'm on travel and cannot post pics at this time.

  6. Castor

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    Could you please post a pix., I think I might be experiencing the same thing with my Acontifolium.

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