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    In October, I will have many hundred mature seeds available to be given away, with me paying for postage.

    I have been growing and propagation tigridia pavonia for several years. Once I determined how to avoiding feeding the corms to rodents, I have successfully grow them from both seed and mature corms.

    During overwintering and at spring planting, some form of rodent (mice / squirrels?) deterrent is pretty much required. Over winter, I "encapsulate" the corms within moist leaves in a breathable container in my frost free garage. In May (they need warm soil to commence growth) I plant them in containers with a 25 mm screen mesh cover through which they easily grow.

    Alternatively they can be kept in their pots overwinter, until after about three years they benefit from being divided. Leaving them to overwinter in the ground is an option, by providing a deep mulch to keep them frost free. Less risky, I believe, is to dig and store as above.

    I plant overwintered seed (stored in the fridge) in late February indoors (bright natural light) with a light sand cover, where they germinate in a month. After perhaps another 4 - 6 weeks, I move them outdoors since otherwise they become very rangy. This year I transplanted about half of the seedlings to 100 mm pots, and left the rest quite congested in the 150 mm deep starter tray. They don't seam to mind being congested. In spite of what it says in a literature search, about 4 - 5 year to flowering, about 15% of the 2019 seedlings did so, albeit with only 2 flowers.

    The flowers are delightful but last for only about 8 hours (nominally 8 AM - 4 PM), with a replacement every third day to provide a typical 6 buds over a month, with some benefit from staggered flowering. The season can be stretched a bit by planting in both full sun and partial shade.

    They are relatively tall and should be staked in a group.


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    The first photo is of a 4 month old seedling.

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