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Discussion in 'Maples' started by kbguess, Dec 14, 2020.

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    I have been reading from this forum for a long time & I have learned a lot about maples and other things
    This is my starter list of thanks that I will expand as I reflect back

    @zfrittz --thanks for so much information about propagation
    @Kaitain4 --grafting tutorials
    @katsura -- encouraged me to choose some seedlings to grow on and because of this I have a great maple in my front yard now
    @AlainK -- encouragement to layer my maples with excellent tutorial resulting in my first successful air-layer

    What a great forum
    2021 will be better
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    Very well put Keith, we never stop learning and especially in the horticultural world. So much friendly knowledge on this forum!!
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    Yes, a very friendly place. Not only have I enjoyed the photos since I first registered - time flies !, but I've learned a lot, and got/sent lots seeds, and plants too.
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    @kbguess , thank you for your words, but I think that this forum should be precisely that, a place where we can enjoy the knowledge that others bring us, and what we can contribute, as well as help each other with our experiences and that Maples are the beneficiaries and they make us happy for many years with their wonderful shapes and colors, and of course being able to show them in this forum and enjoy them.
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    The tread Need Help Identifying Tree (Maple) started by @willi2 opened my eyes to compound leaf maples. At the outset I thought there was just paper bark and box elder. If I am not continuing to be mistaken (iow, if I have it right now), there are 8 such species! Prior to this particular thread, I wasn't really interested. I have an a. griseum in my landscape = good enough.

    That particular thread is the most memorable of all (it sticks in my craw! - lol). I thank @willi2 and everyone that participated in that discussion. It was highly enlightening, very entertaining, and gave me something entirely different to be excited about. Thanks, all.

    btw, I just started stratifying some a. pentaphyllum seeds that I purchased from Sheffield's Seeds.
    Life changing ...

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