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Discussion in 'HortForum' started by Bill, Jul 20, 2004.

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    Hi Bill, great link by the way. I had the luxury to speak with Bob on a few occasions the last couple of years via email and a posting board on the web. His ideas and thoughts were a bit too far from the norm for a number of members of this other board and through harassment and constant pestering (it was not completely one sided, Bob did throw a few raspberries himself) Bob left the board and I haven't heard from him since last summer. I encourage any plant geek to check his website out, there is some good info there, for a second suggestion, try most anything written by Dr. Alex Shigo, he is regarded very highly in the tree world for his thoughts and wisdom.

    I will post the other website here for those who might wish to check out some of Bob's postings there and it is up to Daniel if it stays or not....

    will get you to the authors user interface where you can search for posts and follow his discussion.

    ps. As I went to copy and paste the user id tag here I found he had posted a few days ago back on the other board, a welcome sight.

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