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Discussion in 'Maples' started by paxi, Jan 6, 2008.

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    I finally picked up a copy of Maples for Gardens from the library. Great book and now in search of a good deal on a copy for myself. I read with curiousity about the 36 first described japanese maples by Ibe Ito in a work called Zoho Chikinsho, Volume 4 in 1710! Reading thru this and Vertrees was able to come up with the following

    1) Aka shime no uchi
    2) Kagiri Nishiki
    3) Kiri Nishiri
    4) Matsukase
    5) Segai
    6) Takao
    7) Tamukeyama
    8) Tatsuta gawa
    9) Wabito

    This leaves about 27 more. Can anyone add to the list?
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    Maybe a couple,' Kiri nishiki', 'Oshu shidare', 'Shigarami',' Tatsuta', according to "Maples of the World" , in which others are also listed from Chikinsho 1719 and 1733 .
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    This is an old thread, but I wanted to add to the 1710 list with 'Shishigashira'. As we all know it's the female lionhead maple. What a tree this is and will be around for another 311 years when a lot of new cultivars would have been long forgotten about.
    I have a few of the 1710 list in my collection, but what about everyone else? Might be fun to hear about others and get this thread going again after so many years. I wonder if @paxi is still looking at the forum. I do hope so.

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