The control device of leading pests by sound source

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    Good morning~all

    As we all known,many inserts can fly,they may fly to leaves to lay eggs and then the eggs quickly hatch into larvae and eat any parts of plants crazily like flowers,leaves, roots or so on.If the plants is planted by human, they will download the output and usually decline the quality of products.In order to prevent such terrible things happen again and again,sometimes we need to spray the plants with insecticide which also usually has a bad effect in the quality of products.

    Have you thought to solve this problem?

    The key point is coming.I would like to design a control device of leading pests by sound source to improve this troubles.

    I will use a configured microphone arrays properly and a suitable program which can locate and separate any voice in the environment with mutli-sounds source.The microphone arrays are responsible in discover and recognize the fling inserts. The I will install then into a place which plants many trees.When a insert flies near it,the device will recognize if it is pest automaticly and return the weapon to eliminate or expel it selectively.

    There are different way to cope with different inserts. Take a example,many inserts will run out if they are alarmed,in such a situation,the weapon just need to be a blowhole which the water can spouts out of it.What’s more,even the pests need to be died out,we can also use such a device to control the insertcide,or use them outside the plants.Then the quality of product can be improved effectively.

    Our device can recognize the kinds of inserts and locate their site so that it can calculate the numbers of pests and make measures by referring these digital.Such abilities can come true by using one chip.But now I am confusing about that if STM32F401 is suitable here.Whether does it have an enough capacitor to separate the voice and locate the site?

    Do you has any better advice ? Welcome to have a disscusion with me if you are interesting in it.

    Thank you very much.
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    You'll need to find electric/bioacoustic engineers to get an answer to this question.

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