The Beauty of Vines

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    I am relatively new to plants. To an equestrian, I am a cowboy. I now consider myself an urban farmer, making the best out of this patch of earth surrounded by tons of cement in metro Manila, Philippines.

    Recently, I have been appreciating vines that just happened to grow in my garden. I've gone a long way from being a vine-basher, pulling them out of their unruly crawling.

    Almost all the vines in my garden have been given to me by birds who visit my birdbath. The best thing about vines is teaching them where I want them to extend to. If you miss out on a day's tending to them, you can always gently re-orient its tendrils.

    A huge bonus is that more often than not, these vines have medicinal value.

    So when you see new vines in your garden, don't just pull them out!

    I want to share with you some of my vines...

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    They look lovely in your setting but unfortunatly some of them are considered weeds here and take over large areas of bush. I do have vines that are safe for my area and yes there is something very satisfying making them go where you would like them. They also encourage small birds to nest in them. I have many native birds that use my fences with vines as nesting sites. Thanyou for shareing


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