Tasteless nectarines

Discussion in 'Fruit and Nut Trees' started by galiano, Aug 21, 2013.

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    We have a young nectarine tree growing against a south wall under the eaves. This year it has a very good crop of fruit and they now appear to be ripe. Problem is they have no taste at all. I have quite a number of fruit trees which all do quite well. I have two peach trees near the nectarine and they produce really tasty fruit.

    What might be going on with the nectarine ?
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    Did you paint the wall a tasteless, gaudy color? The tree might be trying to remain in keeping with the theme thereby established. Otherwise, I would wonder if it is a cultivar that needs a hotter climate to flavor up, or if the fruits aren't actually fully mature yet. Another idea: is the tree a clone of a named cultivar with known good flavor, or was it raised from a pit? In the last instance it might be turning out to be of inferior quality due simply to genetic variation.

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