Taming my rose bushes

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    I pruned them rather harshly last fall trying to reclaim my backyard but am now seeking help on how best to support these 12' high, free-standing, old cane rose bushes.

    The one in the first pic (North Fence...) prefers to grow over my neighbour's fence as this is the north-easterly direction. The other one is in the south end of my backyard currently supported by rose-of-sharon bushes.

    I worry about building pagoda-like structures as they will change sun/shade conditions in my yard, but believe that this is what is required? As neither of these bushes is close enough to a fence in a way that could support its mass, the standard fan-shaped trellis will not cut it ;O(

    Any ideas on how best to support these giants to encourage the right kind of growth and flowers would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks in helping me to tame the thorny shrew ;o(

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