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    I just bought a variagated sweet potato vine in 6'' pot. i want to repot it into 12'' hanging basket on roof terris. Full sun. My climate zone is 9-11. How deep it will trail down? Will it cover 20 feet deep below? its already 3 feet long in 6'' pot. Is it a rapid grower?. Also, how long will it take to bloom?

    My same question is about passion flower.
    Can some one advise some common vine which will trail down to 15/20 feet?

    Thanks alot
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    i don't think the sweet potato will get quite that long...maybe about 10 feet. i'm not quite sure though - mine only got to about 5 feet and that was because the container didn't drain well enough and it was too soggy, so it didn't grow well.

    the passion flower can get pretty long - some varieties more so than others.

    the hyacinth bean vine WILL get to at least 20 feet and you're in a spot where the climate is good for it to grow well (and fast). they have really pretty flowers - they don't last long, though. they DO turn into really fabulous pods though and they're nicer than the flowers and stay for a long while before they ripen. (the baby pods can be eaten, too).

    there are other vines that would work in your zone...i'm not familiar with them because they don't do well here. i'm sure someone else will have some suggestions for you, though!

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