Sullu spurge, euphorbia royleana help

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    I bought this beautiful cactus looking plant over 2 months ago and I think that it might not have been getting enough sunlight as an upper part of it started to rot quite badly. I cut off the rotting part and am hoping that it grows back soon, does anyone know if it works this way ? I definitely don’t over-water it, but have since moved it right by my window.

    Another problem I have been having is that the legs seem to be too heavy to stand up by themselves, if not held up they fall pretty much horizontally. I feel like it was potted badly when I bought it and am not sure whether a few cm of the plant should be underneath the soil. I have tied them to the main root and they no longer fall. However, I am totally clueless as to what I should be doing. Should I re-plant it into a larger pot and have the legs supported by soil? If so what soil should I use ?
    I really love this plant and would love to grow it healthily for years to come. I would really appreciate some advice!
    Thank you :)

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    That is an Euphorbia trigona.

    I have not seen succulents rot from lack of light, but it is probably one reason why the stems are drooping. It is a common problem with this species when grown indoors (and one reason why I stopped growing it).

    It will not.

    I don't think that is a good idea, there is a risk that the stems will rot, and it will not work when the stems grow even taller (or for those located higher up on the main stem).

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