Successful Pollination of Tree Paeonys

Discussion in 'Plant Propagation' started by mudfoot, May 27, 2009.

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    For three years I have been trying to self-pollinate my Joe Rock Tree Paeony. I have not been successful. I did get one seed the first year either by pure luck or more likely it was with the help from an insect. This year I took pollen and with a toothpick opened the tips of the carpels when they began expelling their sticky substance and forced pollen into the carpels and then made sure they were closed. Has anyone done this? In the past I have always used a small brush or my finger and applied pollen to the tips of the carpels when they began exuding their sticky substance. What am I doing wrong or right? Thank you.
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    Not sure you're doing anything wrong, maybe the plant is self sterile. Have opened the receiving flower before fully open, removing petals and anthers, and then applied pollen to the stigma {haven't forced it open} over about 3 days, then put a little paper bag over the carpels to protect from rain and other pollen. Limited success and haven't tried 'Joseph Rock'. Might be interesting to try pollen from another tree peony known to have fertile pollen, maybe a P. lutea hybrid. Believe pollen can be viable for a year at least if kept dry and cold. Hopefully other members will have some helpful suggestions or experience.
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