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    In July I took a long weekend trip in the Okanagan. I have a few pictures that might be BPoD worthy. (I took all the photos and you are welcome to use them for the Botany Photo of the Day).

    I visited Okanagan Mountain Park. Three years ago August 16th, the whole park burned. The burned trees are still standing (some are starting to fall) but the whole place is carpeted with Fireweed (I'll let you call which species that is):

    (I prefer the second shot for the contrast, but the first gives a better sense of the wider situation).

    If you like pretty, you might like (Prunella vulgaris). This is one of those plants that once you know what it is, you see it all over the place but it hasn't been on BPoD (that I could find)

    Again shiny - - You can see the pollen on this plant after a pollinator - in this case a butterfly ( has come to visit.

    Finally, one of my favorites - Polemonium pulcherrimum (Jacobs's Ladder) . I like this photo because it still has has the dreamy soft macro look to it (and lots of detail in the flowers) but you can still see how the leaves look.

    Thanks for the Botany Photo of the Day - I think you were robbed with Nature's top 50 science blogs.


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