Stunted hydrangea

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    I have two hydrangeas sitting side by side, each in their own large cedar planter on my outdoor terrace. They face east and get early day sun and filtered light in the late day. They have always been vibrate and vigorous and problems with pests have been minimal at most.

    This season there is a marked difference between the two plants. One hydrangea is growing vigorously and already has many heads forming for blooms. The other hydrangea, however, is struggling to produce any growth at all. Many buds have formed on old wood but most have blackened and withered. Other leaves have remained small and weak looking. There is new growth around the base of the plant but it is limited and some is wilting as well.

    There is no visible sign of any pests on the leaves or in the soil to my eye.

    Can anyone tell me what has happened to my plant and what I might do to help it? Last summer it had over 50 blooms on it.

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    does the one with the issues have more exposure to things like wind?? if so, it could be that the lack of vibrancy is due to damage caused by excess wind - as in, specifically, cold winds in winter.

    might need repotting, also - could have a more extensive root system than the other one.

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