Staghorn fern invaded by ants

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    I wouldn't hesitate to use Borax as a pesticide. Aside from being toxic in large amounts, it is also a good source of the essential trace element Boron, which, from what I read years ago, is frequently deficient in our local soils. I have broadcast Borax in small amounts around my fruit trees (growing in lawn grass) every few years for a long time. I can't say if it has improved yield, but it certainly hasn't hurt anything.
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    Not arguing with you for a minute @vitog but I clearly remember about 20 years ago, reading in the local paper about concerns of excess boron in farmers' fields along SW Marine Drive, Burnaby. There were theories about why that should be so and what, if anything to do about it. I was mildly worried because I bought most of my family's vegetables at one farm in particular. Funny though, I have been searching online for the past half hour and can find no reference to those reports whatsoever.
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