sprinkling with iron rich well water

Discussion in 'HortForum' started by RaeFae, Apr 23, 2008.

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    We just put down some grass seed, I need to keep it moist, our well water is iron rich and our landscaping and concrete are so intertwined I can't sprinkle (we use a hose and sprinkler, no underground) w/o getting the concrete wet. Therefore, our sidewalk and landscaping rocks turn very orange from the iron. Any suggestions on removing or avoiding the staining?
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    You can usually remove the stains using Coca Cola - just pour it on and let it sit a while; there are also harsh industrial products available. Think CLR.

    To avoid rust stains you'd have to remove the iron from the water, which is a tough proposal. However, you may be able to find a concrete sealant that resists or repels stains, so that you can just scrub them off more easily with a stiff broom. I was using something like this, but I can't recall the brand name.

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