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    We just bought a new home and our back yard is infested with Springtails. I mean if you look in the dirt they are everywhere.

    I really don't care about in the yard but they are coming in the house. Not in huge numbers but enough to be annoying. We have a 2 story home and they frequent the bottom level. They usually come under the door in the back so on the tile we'll have quite a few. The bathroom downstairs always has 2-4 in the sink and 5-10 in the tub.

    We even get a few that come out of the drains upstairs.

    I've tried spraying around the foundatioin and that doesn't seem to help. There really isn't any mulch around the foundation. The back yard does have straw in it as they were trying to grow grass but it's really patchy.

    Should I rake up all the straw?

    Also I notice that in the front of the house we have no issues at all and in the front half of the lawn we actually have sod installed...would it help to have sod put in the back yard?

    There are just so many I'm afraid one days there'll be thousands in the house if I don't do something.

    If they would just stay out of the house I'd be fine. I'm going to caulk the door tomorrow as well.

    Any suggestions?
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    Hiya sthelp,
    i found this
    Springtails are frequently found in leaf litter and other decaying material. The suborder Arthropleona has an elongated body in contrast to the globular body of the Symphypleona.

    sounds like a clean up of the yard is in order.

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