Spent the day transplanting/repotting 250 citrus seedlings/cuttings & trees today

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    Went out to visit Tom at Tiny Tom's Citrus Farm in Delta today and we had a very productive 4.5 hours in his greenhouse. We transplanted/repotted approximately 250 small citrus plants into bigger pots and we barely scratched the surface. Just cleared out one small corner of his collection.

    There were different lemons (Meyers, Eureka, Pink Eureka, Persians, Vietnamese, Ponderosa & a few I can't remember), limes (Key, Vietnamese, & more I can't name), sour orange, Calamansi, Kumquat, Limequat, Lemonquat, Mandarins, Clementines, Guavas, Rumbutan, Olive, Grapefruit, Pomelo, Blood Orange, Papaya, Flying Dragon and a shwack more.

    Very productive day but also very tiring. Learned alot from talking to the guy so that was a real bonus. The scary part is we didn't even transplant any of the bigger citrus yet. Hanging out with Tom is dangerous though since I'm now thinking my planned 12' x 8' x 7' tall polycarbonate kit greenhouse (for citrus) will not be anywhere big enough & I'll probably have to look at doing a 20' x 8' by 10' tall one instead.

    Oh well, back to work for me (editing papers).


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