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    I have a rather large spathiphyllum in my office at work. This plant has recently started developing black "dead" looking spots on the edge of some of the leaves. These spots are dry and will eventually crumble off the leaf.
    Could someone please tell me what this might be and what I can do in the future to stop and/or prevent it from happening again?
    Thank-you so much!
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    Spathiphyllum with brown tips

    With increasing daylight, your plant may have been exposed to direct sunlight which could have caused browning of the leaf tips. If this is not the case, the most likely cause is insufficient humidity, which can be corrected by placing the pot upon large pebbles in a saucer which is kept full of water to provide evaportation and increased humidity around the plant. Some people choose to put the plant's pot within another pot six inches larger in diameter, with the gap between the pots filled with moist peat which is kept moist. You could also mist the plant more frequently. Look carefully for insect infestation by spider mites which make fine white webs on the stems. The often take up residence on plants kept insuffficiently moist, and complicate the treatment.

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