Spam in private messages - please report it

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    These forums have remarkably little spam, partly because of the automated filtering, and because new users are moderated, and moderators read new postings from everyone. Still, the occasional posting slips in, and we appreciate people who take the time to report it.

    What the moderators cannot trap are spam private messages (called "Conversations" here). We do not have access to private messages, so cannot trap the spam ones. We are able to delete all private messages sent by a spammer without needing access to your mail, but first, we need to be notified when it's happening. There is a Report link under all conversation postings. If you click that in the posting that contains the spam, moderators will be able to see the spam text in the report. I'm not sure if you need to keep the note in your Inbox, but please do keep it. Either the system will delete it, or if we don't agree it's spam and will not ban the sender, I will let you know so you can delete it.

    The concern is that there is no way to know, if you receive a spam message, if it was a single note sent only to you or if many users are being annoyed. It's easy enough for you to just delete the bothersome note, but then we don't get to remove it from all the recipients and prevent the user from posting more. We have only heard of one spam private message, but now we wonder if there have been others, and if the recent one went to more than one user.

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