Southern Magnolia Suffering After Planting

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    Hi All,

    Purchased a Kay Parris Southern Magnolia in ball & burlap a couple weeks ago (they had just arrived at the nursery, presumably from somewhere warmer than here).

    All the magnolias that arrived at the nursery had yellowing leaves at the inner base of the tree. So we figured hey it’s just climate shock and springtime leaf drop.

    We planted the tree inside a large “bottomless” cedar planter (dug a hole about 18 inches below the ground from the bottom of the planter). For soil we used fish compost mixed with peat (pre-mixed from nursery), with bone meal underneath the root ball, and sprinkled mycorrhizae on the root ball. My soil pH test indicated about 6.0 to 6.5.

    But, every day an alarming amount of yellow or brown leaves are littering the ground. All of the dying leaves are on the inside area of the tree. Today I also noticed a wound on the branch that seems to have a blackish colour to some of it. It has been raining SO much these past two weeks I’m concerned the soil maybe got over-saturated.

    So I’m wondering:

    1) Is this tree beyond saving?

    2) Do I treat the “wound” with an anti-fungal?

    3) Or does the issue likely go down to the roots/soil?

    Totally worried that this gorgeous tree is dying :( Thanks in advance!

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