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Discussion in 'Outdoor Gardening in the Pacific Northwest' started by Pieter, Jan 5, 2023.

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    ..that my Boxwood is under stress...what could be the cause? It's planted across the front easement under a Western Red Cedar. 20230104_125244.jpg 20230104_125237.jpg
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    If it is actually under the redcedar, that tree will be competing with the box for water and nutrients. Even if it is not directly under it, the redcedar roots extend well outside of the drip line. When we moved in to our Burnaby property many years ago, there was a Western Redcedar in the front yard; and I planted a box hedge along the front property line. After a few years of growth, you could see that the hedge was significantly shorter where it was closest to the redcedar compared to where it was farther away, even though it was not directly under the redcedar. After I cut the redcedar down, the hedge growth equalized after a few more years.
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