Identification: Somei-yoshino vs Pandora?

Discussion in 'Ornamental Cherries' started by wcutler, Apr 9, 2009.

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    So we learned to distinguish Akebono from Somei-yoshino (Akebonos have larger blossoms, some bearing staminodes (extra half-petals in the centres)). Now we can't do Somei-yoshino vs Pandora. The blossoms seem about the same size. We forget to look at the tree shape, but we're not too sure of the range of Somei-yoshino shapes and don't know Pandora well enough.

    I'd like to know how true the following statements are.

    1. Somei-yoshinos have a distinctly horizontal habit, with a generally flattish top. Pandora's start out as an upside down triangle and stay more upright.

    2. Somei-yoshino petals are oval or almost rounded, and they overlap to form longish stars in the centre when seen with light shining through (though the stars are not as pronounced as on Uminekos). Pandora petals are thinner and are narrower at the base, and the petals don't overlap on completely open blossoms.

    3. Somei-yoshino sepals have fine marginal teeth and have sparce hairs; Pandora sepals do not have either of those features.

    4. What else? Most of these trees are too tall for us to get good blossom shots. Are we then out of luck when it comes to identifying them?

    Specifically, what is it about the trees at Mt Pleasant Community Centre that would tell us they're Pandora?

    And Anne's Kensington posting at Victoria and 23rd [post]192149[/post]:
    Is that Pandora?
    Both are Anne Eng's photos.

    Maybe for comparison, I posted this as Somei-yoshino:

    Denis Laplante's photo is of the Lower Mall (UBC) trees known to be Somei-yoshino:
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    Here are more photos of the tree on the east side of Victoria, south of E. 23. It is definitely not a Somei Yoshino. Is it a Pandora?

    1. the flowers are on the small side, close to a Whitcomb, 5-petals, about 2 cm. across;
    2. the pale-pink petals are notched at the top and somewhat elongated, making the flower look star-shaped;
    3. flowers are grouped in sets of 2 and 3 flowers, with 1 cm. fine-haired pedicels;
    3. the calyx tube has a noticeable rounded bump or bulge at the bottom of the funnel to the sepals.

    In fact, the description very nearly fits the Pandora profile in the guide, except the umbels are NOT long-stalked, there are no gaps between the petals, and there is no deeper pink at the tips.

    The slightly curled tips of the petals and the star-shape of the flowers seem Stellata-like, but there are no umbels with more than 3 flowers, and the emergent buds are light pink.

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    Those trees (east side of Victoria Dr., south of 23rd Avenue) look like 'Pandora' to me. However, on closer inspection (see below), the flowers are not the same. This is one of the mystery trees, much like 'Pandora' but with fuzzier pedicels and paler petals. 'Pandora' on the left.

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