Appreciation: Some major home and garden trends expected to play out more fully in 2022

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    I attended a presentation several years ago by Bernie Dinter, long-time nurseryman and garden-centre owner in Duncan, BC, who reflected on how gardening trends and expectations have changed during his time in the business. As he pointed out, fewer and fewer young people can afford to buy houses with gardens so they want to maximize the space they do have available for growing things - not just ornamental.

    "Society’s expectation of gardening is changing, with the new millennium generation being interested in gardening but from the perspective of growing food and sustaining the environment. Today’s gardener is less knowledgeable, but expects a garden to supply food, to be bee and pollinator friendly, and to reflect held environmental values. These values must be reflected by the businesses they deal with. Add to these challenges, the decline of the independent garden centre and the presence of numerous box stores selling garden products. With the changing social values, the horticultural industry has to keep itself relevant."
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