Appreciation: Solanum nigrum

Discussion in 'How's It Growing?' started by wcutler, Sep 22, 2020.

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    Let's have a weed here - Solanum nigrum. This is new to me, if you can imagine. Surely it's all over the place, and I've just never noticed it. It has the teeniest flowers, which I was excited to recognize as Solanaceae, so it wasn't hard to find the ID. It's growing in the very uncared-for landscaping right up against an apartment building two blocks from me, along with several other weeds, and some bigleaf maple seedlings.
    Solanum-nigrum_1601Comox_Cutler_20200918_143733.jpg Solanum-nigrum_1601Comox_Cutler_20200918_143833.jpg Solanum-nigrum_1601Comox_Cutler_20200918_143848.jpg Solanum-nigrum_1601Comox_Cutler_20200918_144122.jpg

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