Solanum crispum ‘glasnevin’ - Chilean Potato Bush

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    Although listed as "hardy and evergreen" I find no one can seem to agree on the hardiness zone as it ranges from 8a to 9a, but the fact that this plant has been growing in-ground in my backyard without any winter protection for the last 9 years will confirm it's hardiness for Vancouver. And as for evergreen, mine will lose most if not all of its leaves during the winter. But the rest of the information I can confirm; fast growing - 12 ft tall if not pruned - and flowering non stop from now until late Fall. This plant can be left as a free-standing shrub, or easily espaliered on a wall or trellis.

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    I think I've seen it said to be hardy to about 15 degrees F. Which my experience with it would tend to confirm - one I had going on Camano Island for instance froze out after a comparatively brief number of years. And as a general policy I wouldn't declare a mere 9 year trial as one demonstrating full hardiness. Unless the coldest temperatures seen in my area in the past had also occurred during that time, without the plant being damaged. Down here the last such killer winter was in 1990.

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