Soil Fungus Problem

Discussion in 'Garden Pest Management and Identification' started by Eric La Fountaine, Feb 28, 2005.

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    The following was sent vie email:

    Hi, My name is Lovie and I have a very bad problem with
    soil fungus and dont know how to get rid of it. At least thats what I
    think I have. It comes in the dirt and is white powdery looking
    roots and the plants begin to wilt and finally turn yellow and die.
    Please, can you help me with this and give me the name of some
    fungicide that will help get rid of this?
    I live in Arkansas in the central part. My husband put horse manure on
    the bed and mushrooms started coming up. Could this be the problem
    because i never had a problem with the fungus before then.
    I have visited the center there in Vancouver and enjoyed my visit very much.
  2. Lovie Hathcock

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    Arkansas, USA
    Soil Fungus

  3. Beau

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    Hi from sunny Queensland, Australia

    We have a very similar fungal problem to what you describe. We believe it was caused by using mushroom compost. The fungus has destroyed the soil structure and is spreading vigorously and at great depth. The affected areas are devoid of worms and the soil has become light-weight and light-coloured. The only advice we have been able to apply so far is to add lime, dig in and water heavily. We still have concerns about losing our whole garden.

    Any advances on lime?

    Regards, Beau

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