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Discussion in 'Indoor and Greenhouse Plants' started by Donnaa, Aug 29, 2020.

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    Hello there, I am still quite new to raising indoor plants and I have noticed that the commercial succulent/cactus soil mix does not have enough perlite for good drainage. I was wondering where I can get 10L or more of perlite for cheap? Preferably around Vancouver region.

    I also want to ask where everyone goes to buy their pots (large and small)?
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    There seems to be a limited choice from local sources if it's plastic containers you're after. GardenWorks carries the Emma series from Crescent Garden. There's a wide range of sizes available and several colors to choose from. Their Lougheed store probably has the best selection.
    I hope others can provide alternative sources as I prefer containers with a snap-on saucer.
  3. wcutler

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    I buy plastic pots from the dollar store, soil from a garden centre.
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    How long (how many years) do you want to have your container garden?

    One season = cheap pots

    Long term or moving a lot = invest at the start

    Also - if you want all to look same ... it helps to buy all one brand at once

    I have sanded and spray painted some resin plastic planters in attempt to achieve some design unity ... it is time consuming to say the least (Pinterest is WAY too, too tempting!)

    For outside - I have some fibreglass expensive planters that look like ceramic but are frost proof and far less weight, and I have some sturdy typical black nursery pots that fit inside well so I can change out the plant if I wish

    I have seen decent look at IKEA in greater Vanc BC

    And I also like Elho design and quality (from Holland I think)

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