Sod Removal for the home Gardener

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    Brantford,Ontario, Canada Picture of the use of my sod cutter in operation.

    Places to buy.

    The original links are dead. Here is an updated one.

    Anybody who has removed sod with a shovel over a reasonably large area will know what backbreaking work it entails.

    I have almost half an acre of hard packed grass, and if I want to enlarge a growing area a challenge is presented.

    At first I rented a tool at 40 a clip or more and finally broke down and bought a sod removing tool off the internet. It was one of my finest investments in equipment.

    If the ground is wet the effort is minimal. The device is kicked forward and proceeds about a foot with each thrust. The sod is a perfect depth and is almost effortless compared to hands and knees with a shovel. When dry, the kick will not go a foot depending upon the effort, but it is still relatively easy.

    My dog Neena always helps me. She is saying, "Good job Durgan.'

    I have rented a similiar type several times. This one is perfect. It is strongly made and most durable. I paid a lot for shipping, since I couldn't find it in Canada. I think I paid around $179.00 US, but I wanted it and I am totally happy. I have only had it about three months, and have removed a fair amount of sod. It is as good as ones I rented.

    I have seen others with a wooden handle, and higher price,for what reason, I can't imagine. Planting a tree is simple,because the sod can be removed in a few minutes as opposed to knee shovelling. Want a new bed, producing it is simple. I used to shutter everytime I had to remove sod.

    There may be other sites, but this one has a good price. I think it is made in Taiwan. An absolutely perfect tool for hand gardening. I actually sent the company the pictures of me in action and they may be using them. I hope they widely advertise.

    The news of this tool should be spread far and wide. It is absolutely perfect for the use intended, and the price is more than reasonable.

    I am in no way an agent for any company selling this product. I am simply a happy end user.
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