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Discussion in 'Small Space Gardening' started by latkins, Jun 22, 2006.

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    vancouver island, canada
    Oh, Darn, I saw 3 or 4 replies to my post and deleted them in error! Would be so grateful if you people could repost your replies to me? Learning curve on this site for me!!! Thanks.
    I live on Vcr Island and have an area about 10-12 feet wide) between the house and detached garage (facing West) that needs planting. It's a very sheltered area that gets 1/2 day sun. I would prefer low (because I have window boxes on the side of the garage and house), evergreen planting with maybe shrubs in background and perennials in foreground. Any suggestions would be so welcome!
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    I'm not sure which post you mean... and I'm not sure you can delete replies from the site. Maybe you've just lost track of where the thread is? Click on your name, above, and then on "find all posts by latkins". You may find the thread you mean.

    For the passage way between your house and garage, there is a plethora of plants that will serve your needs. I'd consider some low growing conifers like Taxus (Yew) "Repandens" or Tsuga (hemlock) 'Jeddeloh', and maybe a boxwood... a variegated one for interest perhaps. Perennials... pretty much anything you like except the real alpines (which need lots of sun) will grow in a half day sun. Ferns and hostas, hellebores, even peonies might bloom. I would avoid tall things that tend to lean to the sun, like lilies, as they will block your way and not look that great.

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