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  1. I live in norhtern Utah (US) where we are in zone 4 with hot dry summers. I also have alkaline clay soil. Chlorosis is a real problem for Amur, Trident, David and some of the others. I do have Norway, Rocky Mountain, Big Tooth, Paper bark and 5 palmatums. The palmatums are sheltered close to the house. I am looking at some of the Asian maples as an alternative but I am worried about the chlorosis. Does anyone know if any of the following would do for me in either sun or shade? I think that the first two would be OK but I am only guessing from the limited information that I could find.
    1. A. pseudosieboldianum
    2. A. caudatum ukurundiense
    3. tschonoskii ssp. koreanum
    4. mandshuricum
    5. sieboldianum
    6. tegamentosum
    I hope that there is someone out ther who can help me but I doubt that any of you in the northwest have seen iron chlorosis. Thanks for any help.
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    In the south, we have county extension services. We collect 1 qt. bags from 2 or 3 areas to decide what type of soil we have. I would recommend having your soil analized to know what soil amendments you might need to remedy your problems.

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