sleeping paper bark maple

Discussion in 'Maples' started by steelworksna, May 19, 2004.

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    I have this wonderul paper bark maple that is about 4 years old. This year it has not leafed, it just stands there. My gardener said it is not dead, so it must be asleep. How can I awaken it.
    Stuart Brown
  2. My maple sleeping too!

    I have a baby maple that I received last season. Unfortunately, the spot for it is not ready yet and it is still in it's greenhouse container. I made sure that it was in a safe place, up against the house, over the winter. I can see that there are tips of certain branches that are grayish and obviously dead. The rest of the branches are redish brown and flexible with very very tiny buds. But it isn't doing anything!!!! Not one leaf. It is stark naked! I didn't know if I should just plant it in the garden until it's real place is ready and give it some kind of food or not. It does make me feel better to know that someone else has a sleeping maple. If anyone can make sense of this I need info!!

    Owner of the stark naked tree,
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    I take it you guys are talking about Acer Griseum? the paperbark maple??
    I have had one for some 5 years. It is the last tree in my garden to leaf out each year ... almost a month after everything else. When all my Japanese Maples are leafing out this thing looks as dead as a dodo. DON'T despair .... your tree will come to life all on its own :)

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