Sick Trumpet Jade- help!

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  1. I recently bought a 30-year old Jade tree, which was kept in a sunken, tropical-ish environment. It now lives in my house which is a constant 65 degrees or so, and is in a well-lit room. i water it every two weeks or so (at the base, not misting). Unfortunately, it has developed black spots towards the inside of the "trumpets" which as like scabs and can be scratched off with a fingernail. it also has a fine white crystal parcipitate matter around the base of the trunk and the lower leaves. if you blow on it, it sort of blows off. i lose about a handful of leaves every day. it's not a happy tree and i love it... what could be wrong? anyone with any information, please help me out with this giant sad trumpet jade. thanks, LISA
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