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    I wonder if you are able to help me. I have 5 jasmine plants (I believe it's the Trachelospermum jasminoides (Star Jasmine)) in my garden. I have had them since early last year and up till now they have done really well. But a while ago I noticed that they started to get red leaves which I put it down to the fact it has been a rather cold summer and that they have not had a lot of sun. But all the plants except from one seems to have recovered.
    On the sick plant a large portion of the leaves are red and really lifeless with a lot of them curling and going yellow and then falling off. I have not noticed any buggs around the plant. It has been raining a bit lately but all the Jasmines have had the same exposure.
    I have attached 2 pictures, one of the healthy Jasmine (which is growing about 3 foot from the sick one) and one of the sick plant. Please help me as I am really suffering seeing what looks like my lovely plant dying!

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    Trachelospermum jasminoides is correct, but note that this is not a jasmine Jasminum spp.

    Sorry, not sure what the problem is.

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