Sick Fan Palm in Florida

Discussion in 'Outdoor Tropicals' started by Cenote, Apr 24, 2009.

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    While feeding the goats this morning, to my dismay I noticed one of my over 10 foot Fan Palms is looking pretty sick. It appears to be a Chinese Fan Palm? Anyway, it fronds are drooping but green yet except for the bottom ones as usual, the goats have chewed the bottom portion of the spires of the tree, it is covered by a canopy and we occasionally bring the truck in near it to unload the hay. I inspected all the other palms on the property near by and no other seems to be having a problem, even another large one in with the goat girls. We drive by other palms and they have had no problem with the truck. I’d like to save it so need some advice as to what to wrap the bottom with (that will not get the girls munching on it) and other methods which would help it to survive in its hostile environment. They are so majestic and would hate to lose it. I can send a picture if anyone needs to see. Help! I sure would appreciate any assistance—Thank you

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