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    I've just read that link maplesmagpie, I don't know what to make of it, firstly I imagine Mr Buchholz has broken copyrights of the forum by copying and pasting so much of the text/posts in this earlier posting, on one hand he seems to be belittling the members who have posted above and then on the other hand trying to be nice, but comes off a bit arrogant unfortunately, as its fans/collectors/gardeners of Japanese maples or other plants that Mr Buchholz earns a living from selling, which he is blessed to be in this position which I'm sure a lot of maple members here would love to do.

    Myself being relatively new to keeping maples really in the last few years find this forum very helpful as the information on maple care is from experience and first hand knowledge from others who kindly share their knowledge for the love of these very special trees, whereas when I'm researching information/advice on the internet I find most of it all to conflicting.

    By the way Mr Buchholz, 'Yorkie' as you call him, again being a bit disrespectful by talking about the guy without knowing him or even getting his forum name correct, basically unbeknown to anyone, has supported myself via emails for the last couple of years in help and advice on caring for my maples and guiding me on the right path, giving up a lot of his time in doing so, simply by having a good heart to help a stranger really, and I don't think theres much Roebuk doesn't know when it comes to maples.

    Mr Buchholz, I think you should have thought twice about your blog article, you should have either shared your own experiences or asked and used some of the vast knowledge available on this maple forum for your article, the posters here are not professional photographers either, they take photographs simply to demonstrate what they are trying o say, now on the other hand Ive been a professional photographer 20 years or so, but wouldn't dream of publicly criticizing your photographs, simply because I respect that your not a professional photographer, like the members here, probably none of them are professional nurserymen like yourself.
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    Afterglow (Keith) hope i got your name right or would you like to be called Geordie boy.

    Like yourself i have just read the link on maplesmagpie thread 25# and to say i am amazed/shocked is putting it mildly , to be publicly berated from a person who does not know me in any way shape or form , plus from someone who i regarded as a leading light in the development of Japanese maples over the years is just increduless and leaves me upset to be attacked by such a high ranking professional cultivator in the JM world just for expressing mine and others opinions on a public viewed and open to all free forum, perhaps we should now have censorship monitors to stop people expressing their love and joy from this wonderful pastime?

    People assume i have more money than sense and therfore i am just showing off with my cultivars. To all who read this thread, over the past ten years + of keeping JM i have spent precisely the lowly sum of £1400 or $2000 roughly and the most i have spent on one cultivar is £120 /$160, why spend thousands and thousands on mature plants when you can buy young grafts at low prices plant them out and let them flurish and enjoy them, then let everyone know how they are progressing over the years, tell people what they like/don't like etc etc what you see and then pass it on to others who are thinking of purchasing such cultivars and let them know what to expect from said cultivars, again i thought that was what this forum was about obviously i got this bit wrong ?

    Over the years that i have taken part in this forum in no way shape or form have i ever tried giving the immpression that i am a expert on the cultivation of JM and i would not have the impertinence of allowing myself to do so knowing that there are people out there who have forgotten more about JM than i will ever ever know (Period) .

    All i have exponced over the years is how my JM maples have progressed in my area/zone in the UK over the following years, come rain or shine sleet and snow etc, again after all this is what i thought this forum was all about, enthusiastic keepers thats all of JM letting other people know what i am experiencing with my cultivars wether they be ground planted out or containerised , and how they perform in various areas of the garden when exposed to extreme light /shade or temps etc etc, here in the UK we don't get 100 degrees temps.

    The passing on of general knowledge is what i assumed we were all trying to acheive, if i have given the impression that i came accross as some kind of JM demi god then of course i sincerley appologise unreservedly to all who i have obviously offended in your eyes over the years, and will leave this mantre for the likes of others who are more qualified.

    Mr Bucholz you have stated that i have very little knowledge and that you would run rings around me if we were matched into a JM forum/development or disscussion, well that goes with out saying, you over the years have developed many many wonderous cultivars, many of which i now grow myself : ie the ghost varieties of which i have eight varieties (Amber) one of my favourite cultivars of all, and for this i applaud and thank you for such a marvellous creations, they have certainly given me hours and hours of satisfaction over the years on seeing them develop, and i would have gladly given to anyone here in the UK much required info on these cultivars but alas you feel that i am not worthy of passing on their virtues, so therefore the purchasing of your superb creations would have little or no interest to yourself which i find odd ,why develop them if there for your eyes only ?

    Having only had the lowly amount of around 120 JM in 80 varieties in ten years around 40% of them which were grown from grafts in my garden, and having only lost thirteen plants in this time i think nay hope i have being doing something right over this period of time , and forgive me for wanting to share this success with anyone who cares to read how i have acheived doing this, again i thought this was the goal of keeping JM, but alas it would seem not to be the case and i should keep my opinions to myself and stop misleading people, for which again i appoligise and "tip my hat" to your knowledge surrounding the growing of JM for which you have dedicated your life.

    To all the JM enthusiasts who i have spoken to either in written form in the threads, or by private communications over the years i would like to say a great big thank you , i have enjoyed every minute of seeing various threads, wonderful pictures and sharing like minded knowledge with people who just want to share their love and appreciation of a beautiful peaceful pastime.

    It's a shame there are so many people in this world who find it amusing to denegrate or debase some ones belief and joy in some thing in which they receive so much pleasure from.

    Remember this is how peoples love and passion start in hobbies and pastimes ,why attack others what's to be gained from such hatred of others cannot understand this ?

    To all the European and UK JM growers emery, AlainK , Houzi ,Whiskey, Maf , Geordie boy:) etc it's been a pleasure to have known you all and passed on such info with each other over the years, at least we tried anyways.

    Keith i will still keep in touch, we will get that big tree going again :)

    Cheers guys it's been a blast, sorry it's finished in such a sour way, but i am so upset by these remarks and would find it hard ever to post another thread here again , for fear of being lampooned as a know it all by people with far greater knowledge than myself, i am just a plain ordainary guy enjoying gardening at the end of the day , nothing else no agendas or financial aims intended, sorry again that it's upset people.

    Good luck with the fall everyone, hope you see some good colours, mine are coming on great at the moment, oops can i say this or will i offend the JM police !!!!

    Regards Mark or (Yorkie) , quite liked that name at least you said something which made me smile if nothing else.
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    Oh dear... my sincere apologies for contributing to this upset. I've followed the Flora Wonder blog for a long time, and I've grown use to Talon's abrasiveness and odd way of complimenting people. I believe I have more than a few relatives like him, of the grumpy old man type, who view razzing as comaraderie. Honestly, I don't think he meant it the way you're reading it. I think it was joking about how all of us, probably him included, "stand by our maples," and have this fanatic, shared passion that many people don't understand....I mean, the fact that people all over the world meet here to share pictures and experience with JMs is odd and uniquely wonderful. Like he said-- "We would have no more wars or international strife if all citizens were so devoted to their maples...or Rhododendrons or Dahlias etc. The two correspondents seem like good-hearted men."

    Roebuk, I hope you'll stay. You know far, far more than most of the people reading these threads, and your experience is interesting and valuable.

    Regardless, his blog post isn't worth disrupting the friendships and shared fun on this page. I'm sorry I shared it.
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    Hi everyone,

    This thread could obviously lead to inflames: I'm sure that no one wants that here.

    If there are any other comments to be made, please be so civilized as to PM the people you bear a grudge with. I think we're all mature enough to understand one anothers' opinions, so I personally think that this debate should be over.

    Thanks everyone: don't post anything here any more, there's plenty of space in this forum for everyone to appeciate, discover and learn. That's why we're here for, aren't we, not to settle scores.

    Alain K.

    I would really like my post to be the last contribution to the discussion. In other words, I hope that the members here are sensible enough to devote their time posting about other topics.
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