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Discussion in 'Maples' started by clive edwards, May 6, 2004.

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    hello i'm a virgin so please be gentle with me i have a shindeshojo which is planted in a border it broke leaf fine but appears to have suffered wind burn .i have heard of defoliating as it is early in the season is this A advisable B how do i go about it .
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    Hi Clive:

    I would not advise you to defoliate your Maple at any
    time. I have to with Cotton but that is another matter
    all together.

    Even if all of your leaves burned up you should get some
    new vegetative leaf buds to form relatively soon and then
    you will get a flush of new growth. Shindeshojo does
    suffer leaf burn rather easily but in a few weeks you will
    see new growth appearing in areas where the leaves burned
    up and elsewhere. Shindeshojo is a pretty resilient plant
    so I would not worry about the condition of the leaves just
    yet. Even some twig die back is not unusual after a series
    of leaf burns either but if it seems you may lose some major
    branches then you may want to ask for some help but I do
    not think you are anywhere near there yet. Sometimes we
    want our Maples to burn some as it can make the plant more
    resistant to leaf burn later. I'd rather have my Maples burn
    early in the year rather than late in the year as I have much
    more time to help the plant along than I do in late Summer.


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