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    not sure if this will work on all species but it did on this star apple (Chrysophyllum cainito) i came home one day and the top had been knocked off of this seedling the original seedling has actually grown a little bit even though it has no leaves and its not appearing to be trying to make any leaves but it is still alive. instead of pulling it all up and throwing it away i took the top piece and placed it into the vermiculite and as you can see it is sprouting leaves and has sent down new roots i guess there was enough energy in the seed material to regrow roots. i am not sure yet what i will do with the stick with roots i may try to graft a piece of a larger star apple to it. i have never been good at micro grafting but it is worth a shot. if you have a bunch of seeds than this would probably be a waste of time but i only had two seeds from a fruit that was given to me so i am trying to save any bit of them i can the other seedling is almost 3 inches tall and growing good but if i can get a piece of my star apple i have a plant that is about 4 feet tall and not doing so well to graft to the topless seedling than that will give me three more plants and maybe out of these one may fruit for me here i have had my original star apple for about 5 years and it has never fruited for me and almost los tit this year from the little bit of cold we had

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