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    Rural Edmonton Alberta area, Canada
    I am in zone 3, in Alberta Canada.

    I can provide:
    A. negundo (Manitoba/Box Elder)
    A. tataricum (Hotwings Tatarian Maple -- seeds will not likely breed true)
    A. ginnala (Amur)

    Picea meyeri -- These are off my own trees, so they have survived 12 years of Alberta winters.

    Pinus banksiana (Jack Pine)
    Pinus contorta var. latifolia (Lodgepole pine)


    I am mostly interested in, and would like about 500 seeds each of:
    P. sibirica / P. cembra var sibirica
    P. koraiensis (Korean pine)
    Abies veitchii from a zone 3 source (I've killed a lot of seedlings, but I have some survivors. Looking for more.)
    Abies concolor from a zone 3 source

    If you have others, let me know.

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