Seed set on Amorphophallus paeoniifolius .

Discussion in 'Araceae' started by trikus, Apr 5, 2009.

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    Tropical North Queensland , Australia
    Finally the seeds are ripening on the infructesence I pollinated late last year .
    From a flower practically sitting on the ground , the spadix is now way over 1m tall , and the first few berries I picked have strange looking seeds in them . I will have hundreds !
    I planted little tubers only a few cms and got very large tubers in just 2 years .
    They were so crowded I dug them all up and spread them out in a different area .
    Well they nearly all flowered , and at diferent times so I was able to collect pollen and try for some seed . Amazing at how much they can multiply . Pictured clump is all from one tuber only a little over 25 cms . Looks like 3 offsets will be nearly as large . And some still have multiple stems . Its cooling down and some are starting to dies down . Think I will have a massive border of these along the front of my place ... it will really stink up big time with dozens of infloresences in a few years .

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    lol, that's one way to keep the neighbors away!!

    i'm glad you've had such success!! you'll have to post pics when the whole row is in bloom! it'll be an amazing show!!
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    Nice pics Mick, the berries look great!! I recently obtained an Amorph, not the same as yours, but it fell over within 3 weeks, possibly from over watering : S


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